I-techswiss Group

I-TECHSWISS founded in 2008, and the partners belongs to the electronics & technology industry.
The company is offering development/consulting services in the areas of Product Development, Manufacturing, Distribution, Embedded Operating System software such across technology domains such as Semiconductor / Telecom / Wired and Wireless Networking / Voip Communication, Consumer Electronics / Multimedia and Platforms.

We enable our clients to respond to dynamic market conditions and build their business competitiveness by offering top quality technology services / solutions.
By being focused and through innovative training methods we have been able to develop core expertise which are very crucial for the success of the projects.
Our clients have reiterated their trust in our capabilities by offering us repeat business.

Our Motto
To provide High Quality ,cost effective project development services /technical consultancy to satisfy the market and customer request.

To contact our Board Management pls write to: info@i-techswiss.com